Commercial Zones approach designed by Farm Concern International, FCI under the Commercial Village Model focuses on sustainably deepening the impact at scale (wider geographical coverage) through enhancing vibrant agri-trade enterprises and investments.

CoZo approach focuses on scaling impact in wider geographical zones through integration of public, private sector players and community to build partnerships and trade leverages.

Farm Concern International facilitates commercialization analysis & mapping , investment opportunities profiling and partnership matrix development in select agro-ecologically vast zones so as to development business partnerships and production planning aimed at reducing unnecessary intra and inter importation of food. Commercial Zone approach therefore creates platforms for agri-investment platforms and networks in districts, regions, provinces and federal state level so as to optimize on various investment opportunities. Commercial zones approach enhances competitive trade, effective market partnerships for various commodities as well as infrastructural improvement through public private partnership. Farm Concern International directly and support a portfolio of over 200 commercial zones in 8 countries within which 20,000 commercial villages has been trading supported by networks of government ministries & departments, research organization, learning institutions, development organizations, wholesale buyers, input companies, commodity trading companies, local government authorities, bureaus of standard, Business Development Service providers telecommunication companies, banks and donor organizations. Through commercial zones approach FCI promotes a basket of value crops, livestock, fisheries and poultry value so as to build economies for large scale business partnership, convergence of investments as well as cross sector leverages.



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FCI VISION :Commercialized smallholder communities with increased incomes for improved, stabilized & sustainable livelihoods in Africa and beyond.