FCI Capacity Development department has innovatively designed, developed and disseminated 237 audio-visual & print materials across 24 Countries for 132 partners based on an integrated delivery approach customized for target clients.

FCI   tailor makes   capacity building packages for Commercial Villages, Farmer Organizations, Agro-Enterprises, Private Sector Players and Partner to determine learning and training methodologies for farmers, partners and buyers as well as disseminating the information. The multi-leveled curriculum development and training approach has been customized to various target groups with a strong component on interactive learning and exposure visits.  A series of Training materials have further been developed into Video and Audio Teaching Aids with a local dialect translation. The Capacity Building Materials are organic and are upgraded to ensure responsiveness to needs of target partners or clients.

ICT Solutions for Capacity Building and Market Information Systems is a critical avenue for massive-distribution of information and training which FCI is testing and upgrading systems consistently based on feedback from Smallholder Communities, Private Sector players , Stakeholders  and Commercial Villages. FCI is further in partnership with various private and public players for a synergy in delivery methodologies that complements and keeps it cost effective.

FCI Innovations in Capacity Development 

FCI capacity innovations are meant to strengthen the capacity of whatever target group the materials have been designed for. Various actors in Agricultural value chains need to be influenced through information resulting to increased multi-sector dialogue among the actors. FCI has developed the following dissemination channels of the materials:

1. E-training Manuals customized in local dialects to suite country specifics.

2. Illustration manuals- visual aids play a critical role in adult learning since they ensure easy conceptualization of processes and interventions.

3. Audio Visual Materials (case studies, documentaries). The availability of multi-country experiences across FCI work enables 

4. Step wise process guidelines – these allow for easy comprehension and application. 

5. Kijiji-e-Training Kit an off grid kit that is solar charged and used in the villages for over 8 hours.

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FCI VISION :Commercialized smallholder communities with increased incomes for improved, stabilized & sustainable livelihoods in Africa and beyond.