Farm Concern International realizes the value of partnerships and works with global and local organizations, governments, Regional Economic Communities (RECs) across various sectors and industries to spearhead market development and commercialization in Africa.

We are cognizant of the fact that no one organization can solve Africa’s ongoing development challenges, FCI proactively seeks to build partnerships that leverage on experience, combined skills, technologies, assets and resources of the public, private and nonprofit sectors to deliver sustainable development impact. Such partnerships enable us to synergize and achieve a lot more significant impact that we could ever achieve if we were working alone.

Building partnerships with Farm Concern International (FCI) starts with pinpointing shared goals and what we aim to achieve together, we then develop a partnership that takes into account the strengths of different partners. We believe the most effective partnerships are those in which risks, responsibilities and rewards are shared, and which address core interests of all partners involved.

We are fervent about working in partnership with a variety of partners these include foundations, regional economic bodies, NGOs, large multinational corporations, universities, research institutions, local businesses, diaspora groups, government agencies and other donors to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers one Commercial Village at a time. 

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FCI VISION :Commercialized smallholder communities with increased incomes for improved, stabilized & sustainable livelihoods in Africa and beyond.