FCI in partnership with Kenya Promotions and Marketing Company (KPMC) and the County government of Taita Taveta through USAID Feed the Future -Kenya Agricultural Value Chain Enterprises (KAVES) conducted a trade fair at Challa Tuhire Irrigation Scheme, Taveta on 27th October 2016. 

Farmers going through the USAID KAVES exhibition tent and other display tents during the Trade Fair

The aim of the trade fair was to bring together different exhibitors including the county government, service providers, input suppliers, financial institutions and other development partners in the dairy, staples and horticulture value chains to enhance farmer learning and technology adoption. The theme of the event was: “Commercializing smallholder farmer Agriculture” with the guest of honor being Taita-Taveta County Executive Committee Member for Administration and Devolution, Hon Linet Mavu. 

At least 837 smallholder farmers from Taita Taveta County were in attendance together with USAID-KAVES sub-contractors, County Government and 41 exhibitors (Input suppliers, financial institutions, private companies, government bodies, fabricators and regulators). Sales worth USD 490.19 (Ksh. 50,000) from inputs and various products were realized and 20 bank accounts opened.  

Speaking during the trade fair, the USAID KAVES Technical Director Staples and Food Crops- Mr. George Odingo mentioned that “Smallholder farmers need to change from traditional farming practices to utilization of modern farming technologies such as tractors, hand ploughing equipment, maize shellers among others in order to increase productivity. Additionally, farmers need to embrace drought tolerant crops including green grams to minimize crop loss.”

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