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FCI, through the DoHoMa project, has facilitated the formation of 189 Commercial Villages in Limuru, Lari and Githunguri in Kiambu County which have been linked to 3 formal and 12 informal markets. They have also been trained on disease & pest control as well as safe use of chemicals. The formal markets include Uchumi supermarkets, Kijabe hospital and Konjung’a hotel while the informal ones include Kangemi, Wakulima, Muthurwa, Gikomba, Limuru, Githunguri, Wangige, Korogocho, Githurai, Makongeni, Mombasa and Nyambari markets which have 380 traders who currently buy directly from farmers. The partnership was established after FCI conducted 87 market forums in the markets which resulted to formation of 7 market associations, 38 exposure visits of buyers to the farmers and facilitated 243 village business forums. As a result, farmers in these sites recorded sales worth USD 18,661,271.

The sales realized resulted from different factors including capacity building where over 2,800 farmers were trained on commercialization aspects that included scheduled production, bunching and other quality specifications. This resulted to increase in the produce supplied to various markets with most of the farmers meeting the market specification which reduced postharvest losses. Trainings on effective technologies and innovations that would lead to more productivity using fewer resources was also provided. Farmers were also sensitized on the importance of afforestation and in July 2014, 13,300 trees were planted.

In addition, sensitization and establishment of savings schemes was another key intervention which resulted to savings worth USD 8,782.76 registered within 12 Commercial Villages. 7 group accounts have been opened in collaboration with Equity and K-Unity banks. 

In Kiambu site (Kenya) farmers have been connected to input dealers like seeds and chemical companies.  The main benefits derived from the partnerships are increase of yields per acre which also increases the income realized and savings from discounted prices because of collective inputs purchase. For example, an insecticide (Alpha Tata) that costs USD 1.8 at retail price is sold at a discounted price of USD 1.4. Cumulatively, farmers have been able to purchase inputs worth USD 19,752,941 instead of USD 24,098,588 making savings worth USD 4,345, 647 an 18% savings from the gross price.  



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FCI VISION :Commercialized smallholder communities with increased incomes for improved, stabilized & sustainable livelihoods in Africa and beyond.