Every year, Farm Concern International (FCI) recognizes and awards exceptional staff. The vetting process is rigorous and transparent, evaluating staff on key areas such as job effectiveness & productivity, team work, adherence to company policy and interpersonal skills. In 2014, eight staff received awards for their excellent well-rounded performance. 


Employee of the Year Category

 Employee of the Year

Pauline Njeru, Front Office & Guest Relations officer, Africa Office 

In her three-year period at FCI, Pauline has gone beyond the call of duty to ensure her work is done in an excellent way, all the time exhibiting positive energy. She shows commitment to her duties, relates well to other staff, is always presentable and smartly dressed, is punctual at work and diligently supports the entire FCI family.


First Runners Up - Employee of the Year

Obadiah Cleophace, Markets & Trade Manager, Tanzania

For eleven months, Obadiah worked in a challenging project, and yet was able to rise above the obstacles and meet deliverables. During this time, he demonstrated tremendous leadership skills. Obadiah has displayed a spirit of commitment and team work, positive energy and a positive attitude toward the organization. From July 2014, Obadiah was appointed to run a consultancy assignment in a new environment. Within a short time, Obadiah revived the project, which had previously lost credibility to the society. 


 Second Runners Up- Employee of the Year

Nicholas Njeru, Business Development Officer, Mt. Kenya Region

Nicholas is brilliant in business and programme implementation, respectable and open to new challenges. Even with minimal supervision and resources, Nicholas has been able to deliver exceptional results. 



Second Runners Up - Employee of the Year

Jacob Ocholla, Markets & Trade Assistant, Lake Victoria Hub

Since his employment in May 2014, Jacob has proven ability to deliver results within a short time. He has gone beyond the call of duty to fulfill the tasks assigned. For example, he has developed the commercial villages allocated to him to become outstanding commercial villages, and has maintained excellent relations with the community and buyers. Jacob shows respect to his supervisors, and is always punctual in reporting to work.


Second Runners Up - Employee of the Year

Peris Njoki, Research and Data Management Officer - Greater Nairobi Hub                               

Peris is focused and dedicated to her work, demonstrating a positive attitude in all her undertakings. Peris gets along well with all staff, is courteous and respectful to seniors and juniors alike. She has demonstrated leadership in supervising her juniors, is flexible and able to deliver on assignments on a timely basis. Peris is always well groomed and properly represents FCI in all her undertakings. 




Manager Recognition Category

Manager Recognition Award

Jackson Mahenge, Program Manager, Markets & Trade - Dar es salaam

Jackson successfully delivers results in his tasks. He possesses good technical documentation skills, thinks innovatively and effectively works under minimal supervision. Jackson exhibits good interpersonal relations; he is likeable, respectful and self-driven. When he was appointed to run a consultancy assignment in a new environment in July 2014, Jackson positively represented FCI, and provided leadership and life to a project that had previously lost credibility to the society.

Manager Recognition Award - 1st Runners up

Gasore Nkunda, Program  Manager, Markets & Trade - Rwanda

Gasore has served in various roles with remarkable commitment. He is humble yet resolute in his performance. Gasore is an effective leader who tackles the challenges around him, applying his problem-solving skills to offer solutions, even to non-program work. He took over administration and accounting duties when the accountant left and has maintained a consistent positive attitude. 

Manager Recognition Award - 1st Runners up

Chris Webo, Senior Program Manager, Communication & Documentation - Africa Office

Chris has unique skills and knowledge on project management, M&E, as well as documentation, reports & briefs development. He is also a team builder and player, consistently motivating his staff and others outside his department. Chris responds positively whenever called upon to support others. He is always willing to support in brainstorming sessions and contributes to discussions aimed in developing a solution. Chris does all this with a happy and calm spirit.


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